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Sunday, November 30

this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen

Seriously. There is a whole world of art that is just flowing in an out of various disciplines that can defy believability. The fact that we have to dig so deeply for it is the problem with it all.

Sound is about motion. There is no stationary noise, so when you turn music into visual art those visuals have to move. Generally speaking moving pictures (and the mass distribution of those pictures) is a relatively recent human innovation, so its ok to be awed by the natural progression of these things.

I have about 15 songs right at the top of my head that I'd love to see rendered in this fashion. It's pretty cool.

Relentless, The REV from flight404 on Vimeo.

Magnetic Ink, Process video from flight404 on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 22

some remarkable california footage

As strange as California is politically and socially, it is flat-out beautiful geographically.

The inherent beauty that much of the state possesses makes it that much more difficult to watch it burn down in the wildfires that seem to continually plague it. I came across this video courtesy Vimeo staff pics. It's pretty good stuff.

Tea / Las Alturas Fire, Santa Barbara California from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.

here's a hamster

Saturday, November 8

worth the 4 minutes

just check it out. this is pretty darn cool.