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Saturday, May 17

a creative endeavor worth taking a look at

So I was stumbling around on the intenets today and I found this little gem. Its basically a stop-motion graffitti movie by an artist named BLU, but it incorporates so many disciplines that I found it to be very very cool.

As you watch it, consider the fact that he's manipulating and utilizing
  • natural light
  • 2d space and paints
  • 3d space
  • camera angles
  • clear and obstructed views of the action
  • indoor and outdoor environments
  • multiple simultaneous objects
  • sound
  • public property and the people around it
  • materials (including brushes, batteries, and paints)
  • previous frames of action (painting over the last frame)
When you take it all in and realize that the artist basically had to keep all of these factors in his head simultaneously its a pretty amazing little film to watch. The content is a little weird, but the technical aspects are outstanding.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

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