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Wednesday, June 4

on anonymity

Since the inception of this blog I've been struggling with a certain catch 22:

On one hand I'd love to express the entirety of my thoughts and to take personal credit for all of the cool things that I may dream up or opine.

On the other, I have a number of personal and professional obligations that restrict my ability to freely express myself in a public and permanently documented forum.

Still struggling with this.


el ranchero said...

have you explored pseudonymity? It's my preferred method.

Alternatively, of course, it's fairly unlikely that you're the only "rene" who's a Stars fan. It is practically a pseudonym as is.

Rene said...

I think I've got a pretty legit fear of fooling myself if I got the annon or pseudonon route. I think that if I discuss much of the things that are personal to me and my points of view (and I DO want to do so) then over time it will pretty easy to triangulate exactly who I am.

I'd prefer to go with the reality that the people who read this space or who become interested in it are initially very likely to know me personally anyway. This means that I have to be careful with certain professional affiliations.

Not so easy sometimes.