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Friday, July 18

come on in, the iWater's fine!

so we've finally been assimilated and I'm telling you its great.

after standing in line for a few hours on wednesday and getting cut off, and then having the lovely and talented Mrs stood in line from 7:15 am till around 10:30 to get our two new sparkling shiny happy ...

iPhone 3Gs!!

I'm flat out in heaven. This is just the biggest personal technology upgrade that I think i've every encountered (including the acquisitions of my first several computers).

much ink has already been spilled about this, and I can only really echo what the common knowledge is of the device so far.

-typing is tricky and slow
-the maps freaking rock
-the internet rocks
-the iphone apps are spectacular
-itunes is taking over my computer (and i'm a little miffed about that)
-watching tv on the iphone is kewl
-call quality and coverage has been good

other things that i've noticed are

-i have to keep it in my pocket while driving or I'll get in a damn wreck
-i have to figure out how to make it sync my photos without duplicating them on my HD
-i'll never be lost again, and for the most part I'll never need a local guide to help me find things like BOA atms or food in any stateside municipality again
-the pandora app makes kittens laugh and play with string


mom said...

Looks like a pretty fair appraisal of this new technology. Taking over your computer? Does that mean you prefer the iPhone to your desktop? And, yes, by all means, keep it in your pocket when you drive.

Rene said...

well, itunes wants to be in control of your entire digital life:

photos, movies, podcasts, music, etc.

some of that I'm fine with, but some of it I just want to stay partitioned off because there are better apps to deal with them - especially photos.

Pete Harris said...


I'm not getting an iPhone until the UK gets off its ass and allows Pandora to broadcast.

My life has been a wreck since last Autumn when Pandora got cut off. The day it returns is the day I join the iPhone massive.

And yeah I'd be miffed with iTunes taking over my PC.