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Thursday, October 16

Some Stars stuff

Alright, alright, I'm not going to liveblog every Stars game during the regular season. I'm not going to hide my fandom though, and I'll bring some stuff to this space when things pique my interests.

First, a pretty exciting full disclosure:

I've weaseled my way onto the payroll!

That's right, I'm officially backing up the great Jeff K during the in-game presentation.

Mostly my job consists of getting Jeff some Diet Coke when he needs a refill and playing music when he's on camera, but I've picked up heavier loads when he's otherwise occupied. I consider myself to be a relatively inexpensive but effective insurance policy. I stand right next to the ice girls and right below the luxury suites in section 102, which is just behind the home goal (on the opposite side as the zamboni entrance)

It's a good thing I'm getting into all of the home games this year though, because I don't have cable right now and about 80% of the games are on FSN.

Opening night was a blast. I've never seen the season opening ceremonies before, and I have to say it was pretty cool watching every member of the club get introduced in front of the home crowd. Everyone went nuts, the intro videos were rockin', and there were giveaways galore throughout the game.

I also got share the same general physical space as Neal Broten, who is quite the personality. Shayne Churla, Andy Moog, and Craig Ludwig were also in attendance and in the spotlight pregame.

Last night of course, was the NHL debut of Fabian Brunnstrom - the Swedish star who came into the league as a free agent that the Stars managed to somehow sign away from the likes of Detroit and Toronto. He did alright.

I've heard a lot of grousing over the Stars decision to let go of Hagman and Miettenen in the off-season, but IMO the additions of Brunnstrom and Neal along with the development of Eriksson, Crombeen and Peterson will more than make up for that. This team has a lot of offence to be excited about right now.

The problem is on defence. Fistric is not playing to his potential, and neither is Turco. I honestly think that both of them are suffering from a bit of a playoff hangover and that they'll come around as the season wears on, but they certainly are off thier respective games for the moment. Boucher played last night for the first time in a while and was flat out great. Ditto Modano.

I'll get a couple of pics from my perch on Saturday and post them up here later on.

Weeee hockey!!!

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