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Sunday, August 14

truck record, rained out

I was scheduled to record a truck for a film I'm working on yesterday, but somehow the universe decided that yesterday morning would be the first time in months that the DFW metroplex needed a little rain.

That of course derailed my truck record, but I had all of these mics prepped and ready and this beautiful warm rain falling down, so I decided to make lemonade from the lemons and record the rain.

The sound here is a composite of all of the mics in these shots. I initially comped them down into an LCR mix, but had to fold that to stereo for the soundcloud version.

Each of the mics and positions drew a very different picture, and it was cool to play with all of the perspectives to come up with the most interesting mix. I close my eyes and think of rain in the forest, even though this was recorded in the middle of a concrete jungle.

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