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Sunday, January 8

new year's resolution - to blog at least once a week

After reading matt gemell's recent post revealing some research he did of his own blog, as well as reflecting on my addiction to the daring fireball blog, which often puts up very short but very highly curated links and posts, I've decided that I really don't blog enough. 

So starting with this post I'm resolving to at least put up one post as week for all of 2012.

this won't be as easy as that sounds for a couple of reasons:

1)I'm verbose.  when I get started I tend to roll on for a while, and I edit my posts iteratively after I've written them, which takes a minute.

2)2012 will probably be the most insanely busy year of my life.  Our company, Dallas Audio Post, is currently in the process of constructing, outfitting and moving into a new building - which is getting thick right now and will stay thick for the next few months.  I'm currently building a new Dallas Audio Post website and migrating webservers.  echo | collective is up and running and will have new projects running all year.  Also 2012 is a big election year and a lot of the work we do at Dallas Audio Post is political advertising.  Also I'm married and my wife likes to see me every so often.  I also enjoy participating in TSCC.

so with all of that in play, why not try to up the blog content without watering it down?  should be pretty simple right?

All of this is to say that I'm going to be putting up at least a short blog post every week from here on out.  I promise never to post something up as fluff or filler - though I may put a couple of DF style link/short commentary posts up on occasion.  I'll also still have some deeper multi part things that get into to tl;dr territory and hopefully a couple more shootouts as well.

Happy new year!

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