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Monday, April 29

quickie editing and navigating in protools vid

After a twitter conversation last week I decided to shoot a quickie video covering something that wasn't discussed - how I tend to navigate around in protools without constantly zooming in and out.



Markus Bjerre said...

Hi! I've been editing some dialogue in the past but I'm curious about why you remove all the breathing. Will it not sound kind of odd if the character isnt breathing in/out? I'm sorry if it's a stupid question but I still got much to learn. Also, is it ADR dialogue? If so, do you do the same thing with production dialogue? I guess that will be a problem since you cut all the background noise out as well. My last question is, how do you add fade in and out after you delete the breaths? Great blog!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips Rene, I enjoyed the video!

Markus Bjerre: Rene said in the intro that it was a VO (Voice Over) recording so most likely this will be heavily compressed which brings up the breathing sounds (and lip smacks) a lot!

In VO editing you always want to edit out all the noises and keep the vocal recording clean.

Speaking from personal experience I would not edit production dialogue (or ADR) the same way but I guess this may differ between the person doing the edit and, of course, the project.

In ADR and production dialogue you probably want to keep the breathing, but I do tend to lower the volume of it with automation.

Just my 2 cents!