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Friday, November 5

Alliance Airshow recordings

So I'm keeping the promise I've made to the zero people following this zombie blog to start posting more and specifically to start posting about recording more.

I'd like to start off by sharing some recordings made on Halloween at the Alliance Air Show in Ft Worth. I went with my sister and family and took some recording gear, but I was going into the situation pretty blindly. My main goal was to get some good aircraft recordings of whatever I could, and I brought a rig that would be able to isolate the aircrafts from the noisy backgrounds while being as portable as possible.

What I didn't anticipate was the total and complete coverage of the PA announcers throughout the entire airstrip who were talking through was a series of horns scattered across the entire perimiter. The PA wasn't loud especially - it was just ubiquitous, so there were no clean spots in the entire area to record from, and the PA guys really never stopped describing the action.
Despite that, I came back with some useable stuff and ended up very happy with my first real
test of the new DR-100 I picked up a few weeks ago. I was able to move about in a dense crowd with ease because I was only carrying a micstand and the handheld recorder.

1 comment:

SonicFields said...

Well done! It's very difficult recording this type of pass which includes both the general ambience, quiet approach and the loud climb-away with after-burners fired-up! The dynamic range is usually far too great that even 24-bit recording is unable to capture it all.