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Saturday, November 13


So we've just wrapped an incredibly busy period at work marked by the elections in November. The political world keeps us very busy on its cycle, and the wave kind of creeps up on you until you just stop for a moment and marvel at how buried you are.

When you come out of a busy cycle like this you tend to uncover your eyes, look around and realize how much of your normal routine you've neglected or delayed. In my case that meant that I had a big backload of sfx that needed editing and cataloging, as well as a few personal video projects that needed editing.

With those done and some breathing room in between now and my next big busy time I'm finding myself in a period of downtime, which was refreshing for a couple of weeks but is now starting to make me antsy, so I'm starting to dream up some new sound design projects to keep me sharp and busy.

The problem of course, is that by nature I run at these things all at once and tend to not just sit down with one until I finish it. Without a client and a deadline I tend to be more scattered.

So, my upcoming projects include:

  • recording more sound-infused timelapses like this one:

  • composing an actual video edit in collaboration with my co-worker Brad Dale, who has written some incredible music based on some of the stuff that I've shot
  • doing more electrostatic recordings with my new trusty guitar pickup rig
  • doing more contact mic recording
  • continuing to scout remote locations for potential car, fire and gunshot recordings
  • doing a shootout on some portable recorders for the blog
  • blogging more in general
Now, in a few weeks we should be getting our next film, Benavides Born, into the house so that should sate my appetite for intense creative projects. But between now and then, we'll see...


James Bryant said...

Really effective audio timelapse, sounds great.

boyd said...

Can you say more about the electrostatic recordings your doing and your guitar pickup rig you're using?

Rene said...

That'll be coming once I get some more free time to do some more experimentation. I have a couple of devices I'd love to catch, but I keep getting tied up with other things...